Thursday, 26 January 2012

I've been naughty... :S

I finally got a payment through for an insurance claim I made over a year ago for injuries from a car accident. I told myself I could buy Avelyn a wig and an obitsu and wanted to leave it at that. I actually also need to get Myste an obitsu, which I keep putting off as Peter Pan is a hard Pullip to colour match, but I've seen her on a natural obitsu on Flickr. She hardly gets a look-in lately as the obitsu-ed girls are a pleasure to pose and dress, whereas, Myste has awkward colouring, especially with the blue hair and is a struggle to pose. Anyway, I really should be spoiling the girls I have but for some reason, over the past few months I've had a real urge to buy a Dal. 

I said from the start I would never get one, but however different the girls look I long for one who looks different, but like they belong. 

I did a load of research on the Dal's I actually like, there's a handful at most, but I did my research anyway. I ended up with the following list:


DeLorean (In my opinion, possibly one of the cutest Dals EVER)


Madoka Kaname
After trauling through flickr images and compiling my list I stupidly decided on Lizbel, not checking prices or availability. I went on to Pullip Style and checked the price... I didn't want to spend that much I thought. I checked the other dolls and found Monomono for $69.95. I checked flickr again and thought, yes... I can afford her...

I left it a couple of days (after checking what anyone had to say on Pullip Fiction of course!!!! I mean, you wouldn't purchase a doll before checking with your mates first right? lol) and finally bit the bullet and ordered her.
From Asia Pads
Good thing is, she has a fake fur wig, which will be so much more pleasurable to play with than the general Pullip stock wigs. Her stock is slightly strange but I'll probably sell it and get to work on making her a wardrobe of her own, I don't know if any of the clothes I have will fit her, so we'll see!!

So... my little family is rapidly growing (eek) and soon to have a Dal in it! I am excited, but feel bad for poor little Myste, maybe a new body will come on my birthday?! Hmmmm...

Thanks for looking!!!

Miss M x

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