Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Before her head fell off...

I've just been away at my parents and decided to take the girls with me as I was waiting for Effery's new body & wig and I got them sent there instead.

They both arrived quickly and promptly thanks to the great sellers I bought them from on Pullip Fiction.

As my parents house is extremely white I figured I might be able to take some pics of the girls but only managed to get a few of Effery before my camera battery died. I knew I should have taken the charger.

At the end of the weekend I was packing the girls up carefully for the journey home Effery's head fell right off. I was devastated... :(   Luckily I've managed to fix it using the same method I used for Larke and also tightened Larke's head off as it had become incredibly wobbly. So now none of my girls have wobbly heads!!! YAY!!!

I ordered some shoes for them from Hotdots-Blythe on ebay which are amazing. I had to redress all of my girls wearing their new shoes. I'll try and take pics soon!! I've also been mega busy sewing loads of clothes. I'm hoping to get an Etsy shop running before December as I've also made some awesome Father Christmas hats and fur lined capes for winter and I figured they would be good for the christmas buyers. I just have to get on with it!!!

Thanks for looking!!

Miss M x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Pullip Wishlist

In January it will be a particularly special birthday for me (cough 30 cough) and my lovely lovely Mum said she would consider buying me a special doll for it. EEEEEEEP!!!!!!!

So... I went to the task of finding my 'grail' dolls. 

At first thought I would have said Papin but after ALOT of research I decided not to put her on there, mainly because there are so many other dolls who (in my humble opinion) are much prettier and actually better stock! So... my list is as follows;

Her hair!!!! Its just so nice pretty and her face, so angelic ha ha ha!!! I also love her stock, she is just such a cute Pullip. Plus she is from an anime! Although I've never seen it (Chewie ((my anime guru))said its a bit poo) I just seem to have a bit of a thing with the anime Pullips. Maybe its the eyes. I nearly got a Souseiseki, but the deal fell through. Meh... Win some...lose some.

What can I say, great stock outfit with more than one usable peice. Plus lovely full lips that aren't too overpowering and the shape of the lips that I felt were quite unusual. She also has very versatile colouring in her face. I've seen her in numerous different wigs and they all seem to suit her. And check out the shoes, just my style!!!

I just think she is such a pretty and versatile doll and not overpriced. Just lovely.

My Melody

She may look a bit insepid here, but the combination of the pink wig, red bunny ears and yellow eyes don't do her any favours. However, the stock has various interchangeable pieces AND she comes with a VERY cute little mouse friend!!! I'm sold, actually she's sold, I just found out she's sold on Pullip Style now, which is probably going to push the price up, which means I'll probably NEVER get her (Ma I hope you're reading this... lol ;)

She has such a lovely face up, again very versatile and probably one doll I won't change the eye chips of. They are just so unusual and I have seen various dolls with a different wig but her eyes still pop out. She is just such a cute doll. How can you resist this? Not me!!


She is one of the few dolls I like with darker eyes. I guess I'm more of a pale eyes person. I like them to sparkle!!

Her wig is also super cute and her stock outfit, however loud it is altogether, again many interchangable peices. Plus I love her shoes!!! She doesn't come with a cute mouse but she does come with head gear. Any Pullip with hats or head-ornaments is ok with me (I'm a hat fan!!).


 Last but by no means least. Again, this is one Pullip I would not be changing the eye chips of. Its so hard to buy a good green colour eyechip without buying one of the chips that look like acrylic eyes (they look a little bit too real sometimes!).

The stock isn't amazing (in my opinion) but again, interchangable peices, and a bag (I'm short on bags). My thought is, if a doll has at least 4 items of stock I would use over and over again its worth having a stock outfit. The tights, bag, bow and shirt alone is enough to sway me... Plus her face-up is just darling, I love her eyebrows, its a crime to cover those up with a fringe. Another very versatile doll.    


I would be proud to own any one of these dolls. They are all just adorable!! I'm not sure I would know which one to choose if someone had a gun to my head?

I had to massively shorten the list and I wasn't going to include Tiphona. I felt she and My Melody were too similar, but then, I'm not buying them all, just one more... (famous last words)

I think as My Melody has just been taken off PS I would probably now call her my grail doll, you know, the rarer ones that are super expensive, yeah... not that I want her more than the other, just that its more likely I'll get the others before...

Thanks for reading!!

Miss Mx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Girl - Bloody Red Hood

I had a very exciting morning just yesterday. I had been expecting a little package but didn't think it would arrive so soon!!!

I've been looking for a new girl for about a month, I wasn't quite sure who I wanted I was just after a good deal (with a Pullip I liked obviously!!) and was having a hard time finding one. I'd been looking on Live Journal and had made (and been offered) various deals, one of which was ridiculous (a swap for a NRFB doll for a damaged one with no eyelids... I don't think so,) so when I noticed a deal on a split that was just too hard to resist. I did a really smooth deal with buboplague and would highly recommend her to deal with.

So... I'm now the proud owner of a Bloody Red Hood and I'm totally in love with her. I have added some modified eye chips and I'm hoping to obitsu her and get her a new wig (when the funds are less tight!).

So I guess I should add at least one photo...

Okay, okay you can have more...

A friend of ours studiply left his hat here after our halloween party so thanks to Cel she has a seat!!!

I'm stuck on names with her though... I've been through quite a few and none seemed to fit so after a bit more research I'm torn between Effery and Emolyn.

Effery comes from the name Aphra which is of Hebrew origin and literally translates as Dust. In the Old Testament of the Bible the House of Aphra is mentioned which means house of dust which makes sense to me in a way. There was an Affery in Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens and now I know the meaning it kind of suits the character. Affery was also used in the period between 1450 & 1650.

Emolyn is a shortening of the name Emmeline which was used between 1450 & 1650 in England. Emmeline ultimately derives it's meaning from the old German word 'amal' meaning labour. It has the same meaning as Emily which is hardworking.

As you can probably tell I like unusual names. I went and found a site which gave a mammoth list of names from that period. If you fancy taking a look its run by and the page is called Given Names.

I'm still not decided... if you have a preference let me know in the comments!!
Thanks for reading!

Miss M x

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Set Design

I set up a little shoot today. The lighting is terrible here so I fixed up some of our lamps and made a little set with some props. It was awesome. It was like a mini real shoot with the lights set up and everything. Aw... I wish I got some pics... next time!!

I've mentioned before I've been making loads of outfits and here is literally just a couple of them.

It was fun since I have so much more room now, I look forward to doing some soon!! There are so many more outfits to post about!!!

Thanks for reading!

Miss M x