Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Before her head fell off...

I've just been away at my parents and decided to take the girls with me as I was waiting for Effery's new body & wig and I got them sent there instead.

They both arrived quickly and promptly thanks to the great sellers I bought them from on Pullip Fiction.

As my parents house is extremely white I figured I might be able to take some pics of the girls but only managed to get a few of Effery before my camera battery died. I knew I should have taken the charger.

At the end of the weekend I was packing the girls up carefully for the journey home Effery's head fell right off. I was devastated... :(   Luckily I've managed to fix it using the same method I used for Larke and also tightened Larke's head off as it had become incredibly wobbly. So now none of my girls have wobbly heads!!! YAY!!!

I ordered some shoes for them from Hotdots-Blythe on ebay which are amazing. I had to redress all of my girls wearing their new shoes. I'll try and take pics soon!! I've also been mega busy sewing loads of clothes. I'm hoping to get an Etsy shop running before December as I've also made some awesome Father Christmas hats and fur lined capes for winter and I figured they would be good for the christmas buyers. I just have to get on with it!!!

Thanks for looking!!

Miss M x

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