Saturday, 3 December 2011

Etsy Shop

So after alot of hard work I finally got around to actually creating my Etsy Shop!

Ok, so I named it after my blog, so sue me, I like it. This blog however, will remain my personal blog, it is not going to become I place I just post new items on. I'm still a Pullip Collector and I will still post about my girls and my adventures with the hobby!

It just feels like a massive achievement just to have got it started I just hope people like my stuff and might buy something!! I can't complain though, I've managed to sell some of the things I did when I first started that I really didn't think were any good, which was a massive hurdle for me! And then for the buyer to tell me she felt I undercharged her, woah, that was awesome. It really gave me the confidence in my clothes that I make now. I'm really starting to have confidence in my abilities to create cute well made clothes and not just for my dolls. I'm just waiting for the moment I see clothes I have made on other peoples dolls. That will be awesome!!!

Today I also got around to actually do some customization on my girls. I love Effery, my Bloody Red Hood, but I'm really not a fan of her purple eyelids. My plan was to paint them a pearlescent black. I had all the materials apart from sand paper and Toby managed to find me some wet and dry paper from Halfords, so this afternoon, I sanded painted and added new eyelashes to my gorgeous girl. I have yet to take pictures but I'm loving the fact that as I'm typing this post she is curled up on the table next to me sleeping. It may be the gorgeous brothers cider talking but I feel like I'm gaining more and more confidence in this hobby and I'm really hoping the etsy shop will be the icing on the cake!

Although I have no pictures of Effery's new eyelids etc yet, but I do have a few pictures from my Etsy shoot to share!

I'm hoping to do a xmas shoot of my own soon and also get some pics of Effery's new eyelids but until then I'll leave you with a link to my shop... eeps... I have a shop!!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Miss M x

p.s. some of the new shoes are in the pics for the shop but I will try and get some pics of them too!! They are so cute!!


  1. Your shop looks great! I'm amazed at how much stuff you've made!

  2. Thank you!!!! That's just for the shop though, I've made WAY more just for them (I call it practicing sewing :S lol)