Saturday, 10 December 2011

Blushing Mir

So... Hello!!!

I've had a Mir sitting on my shelf for months now (for various reasons) and I finally decided to keep her and unbox her. The only reason I wasn't sure about her was that she doesn't have a good skin tone for an obitsu match. 

In my wisdom (and after reading alot about customising) I decided I could blush her face so it was the right colour match for an obitsu. So last night I unboxed her and started on the blushing. Stupid really as I have no sealer, I'm sure I should have sprayed a coat before I started and now I have to wait until the sealer arrives so I can put her back together. But hey, I just wanted to have a go.

So, we all know how pale Mir is but here is a few before pictures. Sorry about the lighting, I didn't start until after dark!!!

You can see how pale she is compared to Larke (Kirsche), who is a fantastic colour match to an obitsu.

I chose my pastel colours and got to blushing. I was scared to go too dark at first but I soon realised I needed the colour to be darker than she was so I jumped in. I mixed a pale pink, with a rusty brown, a tiny bit of dark brown and a tiny bit of a dark red. That mix came up the best. I had some magic erasers that I bought when I got Myste, as I intended to customise her. I started again a few times but I finally got to a point I was happy with. 

If you compare the above picture to how white she was originally it is quite a difference! I'm so impressed with myself. I just hope she will stay as nice as that until the sealer arrives!!

Here she is next to her old body...

She looks more tan here than she actually is but you can see ther difference! She'll be on BRH's old body until I order her an obitsu. I want to get one for Myste anyway (although I did ask Father Christmas for her body... we'll see if he can come up with the goods!!)

More after shots;

I think its a pretty good match, its a little too yellow but I think I'll add a coat of sealer (when it gets here) and then pink it up a notch. I'm very pleased with the overall result and I can't wait until she's finished.

While she was apart I took the chance to re-chip her and sand and repaint her eyelids. I'll keep the colours to myself so I can do a reveal at a later date!!

Anyway, Christmas is coming and I need to a Christmas shoot with the girls. In fact, I need to put christmas decorations up!!! I can't believe its only 15 days until christmas!! EEEP!

Happy Christmas and thanks for looking!

Miss M x


  1. amazing job!
    i never liked Mir skintone, with your blush she looks awesome!

  2. Thank you! She was going to be sold for a while but I'm so glad I kept her!!

  3. She's going to look brilliant when she's done; I can't wait to see her :)

  4. A fixie for you Pullip types! Maybe... ;)

    Excellent work on the Mir, Miss M. Keep it up!!!


  5. That's awesome!!! Thank you Mr T!!!! xxxxx
    Thanks also Naomi! The sealer should have arrived at home so I can finish her in Monday! Can't wait, I'm looking forward to choosing a wig too!! Looking forward to your letter!! Miss M x