Monday, 20 December 2010

My First Pullip Post!!!

Hey! This is a brand new Pullip Blog! Written by me, Miss M! I'm still a newbie on the Pullip front but I'm not so much a newbie on the making things front so I thought I would have a bash!

My interest in Pullips began after I subscribed to a creative blog. The blog itself is mainly photos and handmade creations and she also collected and customised Blythes. I was fascinated by this. I like to be creative myself and have an etsy shop for some of my creations. After a while of not seeing these curious dolls (which was the main fascination with this particular blog) I decided to do a little research of my own. While researching Blythes I discovered Pullips.

I originally really wanted a Blythe but after finding Pullips I was instantly besotted with some of the customisations. Their faces are not so flat and they just appeal to me much more than Blythes.
My stock favourites are are Pullip Zuola and Uncanricky, their stock is awesome.

Whilst looking, I found an appreciation for custom dolls. I particularly like Kikyo's pictures on flickr

I am definately thinking I'm going to want to customise so I have been checking out the info on how to do it, what to use etc. I'm also really keen on the idea of making wigs.

I found YunieDHC on and just think she is amazing. I have high standards to live up to, plus I'm a perfectionist so I am not going into this lightly.

Anyway, I have Pullip hunting to do to find a girl in my price range, but as I said I want to customise so I'm thinking a bait nude, she doesn't have to be in perfect condition but nearly new would be good! Wish me luck!!

Miss M x