Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Girl - Bloody Red Hood

I had a very exciting morning just yesterday. I had been expecting a little package but didn't think it would arrive so soon!!!

I've been looking for a new girl for about a month, I wasn't quite sure who I wanted I was just after a good deal (with a Pullip I liked obviously!!) and was having a hard time finding one. I'd been looking on Live Journal and had made (and been offered) various deals, one of which was ridiculous (a swap for a NRFB doll for a damaged one with no eyelids... I don't think so,) so when I noticed a deal on a split that was just too hard to resist. I did a really smooth deal with buboplague and would highly recommend her to deal with.

So... I'm now the proud owner of a Bloody Red Hood and I'm totally in love with her. I have added some modified eye chips and I'm hoping to obitsu her and get her a new wig (when the funds are less tight!).

So I guess I should add at least one photo...

Okay, okay you can have more...

A friend of ours studiply left his hat here after our halloween party so thanks to Cel she has a seat!!!

I'm stuck on names with her though... I've been through quite a few and none seemed to fit so after a bit more research I'm torn between Effery and Emolyn.

Effery comes from the name Aphra which is of Hebrew origin and literally translates as Dust. In the Old Testament of the Bible the House of Aphra is mentioned which means house of dust which makes sense to me in a way. There was an Affery in Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens and now I know the meaning it kind of suits the character. Affery was also used in the period between 1450 & 1650.

Emolyn is a shortening of the name Emmeline which was used between 1450 & 1650 in England. Emmeline ultimately derives it's meaning from the old German word 'amal' meaning labour. It has the same meaning as Emily which is hardworking.

As you can probably tell I like unusual names. I went and found a site which gave a mammoth list of names from that period. If you fancy taking a look its run by and the page is called Given Names.

I'm still not decided... if you have a preference let me know in the comments!!
Thanks for reading!

Miss M x

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  1. jemima split the bloody red hood with me, and she was an excellent split partner! She kept great communication and paid promptly for her parts. She also wasn't afraid to ask questions, which I was happy to answer. Always better to be safe than sorry. Thanks so much for splitting with me, and I'm glad you're enjoying her!