Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Goals!

I have a few goals for the new year so I thought I would share them... I don't make resolutions, I make goals, somehow they don't seem so hard going as resolutions but I guess they're the same thing really!!!

1. Get Fit!
I got a new bike so I'm hoping this will help, I'm planning to cut down on my sugar intake and eat more healthily to lose a few pounds!

2. Make more, sell more...
I have a few ideas for the shop, I'm hoping to get a regular system going where I can put more items on the shop regularly and make a few smaller items. I've already reduced the shipping and I'm really hoping 2012 will be great for getting more sales!

3. Get Social!!!
We had a few mates around this week for a game night where we played Archeology and Chrononaughts (an AMAZING game). We're hoping we can make it a weekly, or bi-weekly thing which would be amazing! I'm also hoping to get out more and see friends regularly while we're still close by! We have an awesome group of friends here in Cardiff and it would be nice to get a bit of a social routine going on instead of sitting in and stewing!

4. Play more music...
I have always played music in some form, if it's singing, playing the piano or the guitar or any of the other instruments we have sitting around the house. I would love to get back into the routine of playing again.

5. Get my Clarinet fixed!
Mr T got me a clarinet for my birthday quite a few years ago and for the past 2 years it's been sitting around as the corking has started to go and I don't want to make it any worse. I now have the name of 2 people in Cardiff who can fix it so I'm gonna crack on and get it sorted! This will also help No.5!

6. Join a Choir
I have been meaning to do this for ages, I have been in several choirs over the years and I really miss it, so I would love to join one here, there were several in Bournemouth so there must be a fair few here in Cardiff!

7. Go Ice Skating Regularly
I adore ice skating and now we have one near us (and accessible via a cycle network... no roads!!! EEP!) I want to make the most of it, plus it will help me with goal no.1!

8. Get a job...
This should probably be further up the list but meh, I need the money and loathe being on job seekers allowance! Not that its that bad its just I don't like to be classed as a scrounger... but I'm not... so there... :P

9. Start a Cache Course in Childcare
I have to apply and research student loans but hopefully I will start in September!!! Its going to be scary going back into education but I'm looking forward to it!

10. Make more clothes... for ME!
My Pullips have more clothes than me and that has to be rectified!!! I made a few reconstructed clothes in 2011 and I'm hoping to extend that in 2012. I have loads of fabric and old clothes all ready so hopefully that will happen!

11. Get more Girly!
Now I have girly mates nearby I'm hoping to have a few girly nights this year. I've always been a bit of a tomboy so girly nights have been at a minimum.

12. Take more pictures...
Since I got my camera nearly all of the pictures I've taken have been of the girls so I'm definately going to try and take some of general every day life!

13. Customise a doll...
Since I started collecting Pullips I have wanted to do some customisation. Since I adore all the face-ups of my dolls I think I may start by customising a Monster High Doll and see how I go from there!

14. Complete my dolls...Myste has been in desparate need of a new body and I plan on getting her a 25cm natural obitsu since that colour matches her skintone better. I also want to get a new wig for Larke and a new body for Mir. I also need to get some spot cream on Larke & Effery's bodies as they are a bit scuffed!

15. Watch less, do more...
I have got into the habit of watching stuff and not doing as much so 2012 is going to be my most productive year yet! Unfortunately though we have just got ourselves a TV & VCR, I love how cheap videos are, but hopefully that won't mean I'm distracted by it too much... only time will tell!

16. Blog regularly
I'm not so good at doing that so I'm gonna try and get a bit of a routine going.

17. Brew more...
I managed to do a couple of batches this year but it seems so have disappeared since we moved. I'm hoping to get a couple of liqueurs on for my birthday but time is running out! Also, its great to have as a back-up for birthdays etc! 

18. Make Chutney
I have been meaning to do this for AGES, so this year, it will happen! I love chutney and making my own would make my day! 

19. Be Tidy!
I can be quite messy so I am really going to make an effort to be a bit tidier!
20. Spend more Quality time with Mr T
Last but by no means least! I think I have neglected Mr T a bit this year. I love him to bits, he is the most amazing guy I have ever been with and he is the only guy I want to be with. My goal is to spend more quality time and to treat him as much as he treats me!

Have you made any resolutions?

Thanks for reading!

Miss M x

p.s.Sorry this is a pictureless post, I'll make up for that next time! ;)

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  1. What a long list of goals! I only have 3 resolutions this year.

    Lose weight, sort out my finances and stop being a bore about things no-one cares about.

    I hope you include us in your more social goals, we're not so far away really. x