Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Birthday treats...

So my Birthday has gone and passed and turning 30 wasn't all that bad really!! I was well and truly spoiled, which was lovely and I even got lots of Dolly stuff!!! YAY! So I just figured I would share a few things...

One rather lovely surprise was a drawing of Avelyn by RanSurround from Pullip Fiction

As you can see She is an awesome artist, I simply adore this picture. She has captured her so well. RanSurround also has a blog (Wormies and Octopi)that I follow which is really cute and funny... I would highly recommend following it!!! 

You've already seen my little Wroenna from my Ma, Pa, Brother and Mrs C... 

Mrs C also got me something rather amazing that I have been drooling over for quite some time... 

I have been told She chose this one in particular because it seemed quite french and she lives in Brittany!

It really is beautiful, I now have the task of making duvets, cushion and mattress covers which I am very much looking forward to... what you see pictured is actually my pajama bottoms, a top of mine and some pink fleece! Its amazing what you can make do with!!! 

My Ma also bought me a bag for the girls (Effery and Avelyn are fighting over it as we speak) but unfortunately it got lost... Luckily Mr T has found it now and it will feature in some photos soon!!!!

I was very lucky to get lots of other presents including an extra awesome felt hat from Mr T made by a friend of a friend! I had one crazy party on Saturday night and a fantastic day with Mr T on Sunday... including Japanese take away and Icecream takeaway! I love living in a city!!!

Thanks for looking!

Miss M x

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