Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dark hair... Dark Eyes...


I realise that I have not updated you on my blushed Mir situation!? You probably don't care but I have to write stuff on here as blogs usually comprise as text and pictures, so I'm gonna write it anyway....

I ordered her an obitsu and wig and waited, and waited and finally they arrived, within a day of eachother too, the timing could not have been more perfect!!! Unfortunately for my little Mir, the wig really didn't suit her. I had a feeling this may happen and had tested out each of the girls wigs on her prior to the wig arriving and Effery's looked great, so I kinda had the new wig in mind for either of the girls. I'm just glad it suited at least one of them!!!

So, with the new obitsu, the new wigs, the girls were set! I have been waiting for good weather as my light has broken. This house is so dark, then when the good weather comes, its the blooming weekend and we already had plans. Typical, anyway, I hoped the good weather may continue but woke up this morning to greysville.... :(

Anyway, after lunch the sky cleared leaving me an afternoon and I rushed upstairs to the bedroom (the only room that's gets loads of light) and rushed through a shoot before the light faded!

So, anyways, here are some of the results:



I am so pleased with how Mir has turned out, she looks perfect in the pictures but she is a tiny bit too dark!! Ironic!! I never thought I would have a dark haired, dark eyed girl, especially not a Mir, but I love her now. I think she's going to be the girly fashion conscience girl, but I'm not sure, I'll have to write her a bio!!!

Also, I adore the new wig on Effery, she is so perfect now, I loved her before but I love her even more now!!! When it arrived and I put the new wig on and dressed her accordingly I was carrying her around the house with me so I could look at her as much as possible, just like when I first got her, she really is a gorgeous girl!!!

Thanks for looking!!

Miss M x


  1. where did you get those Efferys wig? it's beautiful! maybe one day i'll buy similar one for my Ciel. (but not now couse i bought wig for her 3 day ago ;p)

    i don't have good light for photos too, that really sucks ;/

  2. Thank you, it is pretty special!!! I found it on ebay, just search for 1/4 doll wig blue and it should come up, but, there are two shops selling them and one shop is cheaper!!

    The light here can be dodgy for photos too... it can be really frustrating!! Have you thought about getting a light to photograph with?