Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dedicated to my Ma...

As the first post of the year, 

I would like to dedicate this to
my lovely Mum...

Who despite everything my family and I have gone through EVER, is always there for me, even when I want to talk about Pullips! She has been there for all my traumas and helped me out the otherside. She NEVER thinks of herself before others and everybody loves her!? I couldn't ask for a more supportive Mum (or Dad) to be honest. They are awesome!!!

Also because they got me some awesome dolly related presents for Christmas, which is massively generous as she and my Pa, also helped Mr T (and Mr T's Ma) buy me a bike!!! 

Anyway, to my Ma... Love you loads...

So, yeah, that's the mushy stuff done with...I realise I haven't posted in what seems like AGES! I've been meaning to take a load of pictures since loads of stuff has happened since christmas, dolly-wise anyway. So... the first of a few blog posts over the next few weeks!!!

So... as this is dedicated to my Ma, I did a shoot showing the perfect dolly goodies I got from my olds for Christmas... not just one but two of those awesome chairs and some shoes I'd been drooling over from the Foxi Shop...

I've also included some general spam of my little darling Larke (I love her so much more after this shoot, she's just so darn cute).

Also featured in this shoot is a bracelet my little online friend Naomi (aka minipinkpullip101 on Pullip Fiction) sent me! Thank you!!! My girls adore the bracelets you made, they will be featuring regularly in my shoots!!! :D

I'm well impressed with this little outfit. I originally made it for the shop but the colours are just too good for Larke... sorry!! Although, I think I have enough of that fabric left to make another if anyone is interested!!!


This shoot totally re-ignited my love for Larke as I've not been so in love with her lately. Her wig has been bothering me, although it is nice, its not what I originally wanted for her. I had a hunt for pictures of wigs I liked and finally ordered a Sleeping Elf wig. 

Picture by *Mrs Mawi* on Flickr

That is the kind of wig I wanted for her originally... I chose my colours and sent my order in and now I'm just waiting patiently (or trying to!!) for it to be made and posted!!

However, after this shoot I'm wondering if I did the right thing... :S

Tell me what you think...

Thanks for looking!

Miss M x


  1. Just thought I would update with my Ma's thoughts:

    Oh Jem ............. What can I say.............what kind and wonderful words about your 'ol Ma! Good blog and great pics. Reckon the legs would look more attractive with tights on though. Must get some for her. Do you agree?

    Love you X

    1. I totally agree on the tights issue, I just didn't have any that worked and the little socks are so very cute, I never thought I would actually use them, being pink and all!!!

      I'm so glad you liked it, I just felt it needed to be said!!!