Sunday, 9 October 2011

Its been too long!!!!

I realise its been an absolute age since I posted here. Its been a bit manic! The internet signal was getting worse and then the computers stopped using the dongle! And then we moved!!!! A real relocation from the New Forest to Cardiff!! Yes people - WALES - I loves the diff! Now I have a sewing room and an internet signal that actually works!!! So after unpacking, hosting a housewarming and nursing a hangover, I figure now is the time to do a new post!

Before we moved I bought a portable hardrive and its been the first time I've been able to have all the girls pictures in one place, and also make my very very old laptop as speedy as a new one!!! Good old HP!!

Although I haven't been posting I have been modifying the girls a bit, making new clothes, taking pictures and written their bios (I will try and post them with pics soon!!), so the girls haven't been neglected!

Lets start with the modifications:

Larke: now has a new wig from Monstro Designs on Etsy, modified eyechips and I also added some extra eyelashes which now actually makes it look likes her eyes are closed when you shut them! Yay!


Myste: I also modified Myste's eyechips slightly and gave her some extra lashes too but as one of her eyebrows broke a while ago she still can't shut both of her eyes, I need to test the winking in photos though!

Having looked through the pictures I realised how much the girls had changed since I got them in January. I collected some pictures together to show their transformation.

Larkes Transformation

Nausicaa to Myste Transformation

Its strange - to me they look  like they've grown up? But how is that possible?

I'm not quite happy with how their styles fit with their personalities at the moment, so a little editing needs to be done somehow! Now I have my pictures more available and internet I hope I'll be able to most more frequently!!

Thanks for reading!

Miss M x

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