Saturday, 30 April 2011

Photoshoot in the Garden...


Apart from the boots, fishnets and socks, all items were handsewn by me.

I think my sewing skills are coming on nicely... I have so many ideas its just finding the time to do them!!

Thanks for looking,

Miss M


  1. I love the clothes you have been making! They are so cute. Do you have a pattern for the grey tank top? my girls would love that!

    The cello is also very nice. Have been thinking about getting one, so it's good to see it in action, as it were.

  2. The grey top is actually in two parts, I made the top and decided it was too revealing so made a grey boob tube. I don't have a pattern for that one, its really simple though and is completely unhemmed.

    If you use a stretchy t-shirt fabric, a large strip for the main part and two smaller strips crossed at the back for over the bust! I then made a boob tube out of another strip and put that on first.

    I have some other patterns I've been meaning to put up though, maybe I should create one for that top as I've had so many comments on it on Keep checking the blog and I'll see what I can do!! :)