Monday, 25 April 2011

New Body for Larke

Since Larkes arms broke I haven't touched her. I was looking online for another Pullip but when I thought about it, it didn't make any sense, so I decided to order Larke a new body and Nausicaa boots. 

I was thinking of going for a Volks EB Teens but after asking on Pullip Fiction I decided to go for the Obitsu SBH-M. 

I asked on Pullip Fiction for advice and got a really good tutorial where you don't have to saw the neck peg.

Click on the image for the full tutorial. It was a little tricky to do and get right but I think I have it sorted now!!


I has worked fairly well although after I did a photoshoot yesterday the head became very floppy and I've had to tighten the hair band this morning. Not sure if its a long term fix but I don't even know how floppy the head is on a normal neck peg conversion!

Here's a couple of pics from the photoshoot, I'll post some more soon!

Thanks for looking!

Miss M


  1. Yey! Larke has hands again and she's putting them to good use already I see :)

  2. Larke now has many hands... 8 in fact... I think, there may be more!!!! So if you're short, let me know! :)