Monday, 4 April 2011

Wig Swapping & New Wigs

Soon after I had Larke (Kirsche) I thought I would take off her stock wig and try out some different eye chips. I had Adsittia's stock eye chips (which are pink with larger pupils) from the extra ones I got with Nausicaa. I really like them but obviously pink and red are not the best combination. However, with a different wig I think they would look quite good. But, because her blue stock eye chips have the white accents on them they seem to have more depth. 

When I first started looking at Pullips, the eyes was one of the first things that drew me into them. I'm generally drawn to eyes anyway, but I prefer the paler colours. I really like the look of the acrylic eyes but the thought of sawing part of the eye mechanism makes me cringe. Another thing to be saving up for... different eye chips, not that they cost much. The other thing that came with Nausicaa was the glittery paper that you can put behind the eye chip to make it brighter and sparklier. Instead of changing the eye chips I just opted for adding the sparkle. 

As I had taken Larke's wig off I thought I would try her with Nausicaas stock wig. I quite liked it at first but I definately prefer longer hair on Pullips.

While I was wig swapping I thought I would try Larke's stock wig on Nausicaa, I think she looks amazing... like a fire demon!!!

I do like some of the fake fur wigs you can get. I've been looking at some of them online. I found one seller I particularly like on Etsy called Monstro Designs and a blue wig I've completely fallen in love with... 

I would really like one of those, but being a big short of funds at the moment I thought I would improvise. We have recently moved after having two homes, a flat and a boat... but we have finally decided to sell her so we moved everything off the boat which means I get loads of my old fabric and wool back, which is most excellent as I collected loads of great fabric from charity shops... some of which was some white fake fur from a cushion. I had seen a pattern for a fake fur wig so I thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately the fake fur I had lacks volume, without a hat she looks like she's balding :S But with a hat it looks awesome. Plus the pink in the hat really brings out her eye make-up. With the sun coming out we thought we'd go for a spur of the moment picnic to the forest, so I decided to take the girls out and do a shoot!!!

Larke (Pullip Kirsche) wearing handmade
clothes by me and a hat I got free with Nausicaa.

Hope you like the pics, I think I'm getting better at posing them... See ya later!!

Miss M

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  1. Your girls look so great! They are very pretty, and the clothes you made for them are wonderful. I have a question, though--where did you find the pattern for the fur wig? I would love to make one.