Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Doll Carnival 2011 Pullips vs Modern Stylings

I've been on Pullip Fiction this morning and there has been a thread dedicated to this carnival. People have put their opinions down - which is fair do's as we are all free to express our opinions right?

Well, I myself have very few (if any) Pullips in complete stock that I like. Many Pullip collectors re-dress their dolls in modern clothes, which got me thinking about the type of dolls clothes I would like Groove to do.
Personally I like vintage clothes teamed with modern clothes. Another person agreed with me and included this link in their post to Moss Garden's Blog.

I particularly love the pictures below and its pretty close to what I had in mind.


Its fashion style shown is called Dolly Kei (also known as Dolly Style or Antique Doll). This style comes from Japan and can often look creepy and antique. They wear layers of vintage clothes to achieve the look.


However, although some of these are kind of what I'm thinking, it really hasn't hit the nail on the head for me.

I'm not saying I'd like a complete retro look, but what about elements of modern and vintage in one outfit? I personally would love to see Groove teaming some modern elements like skinny jeans, or shorts over tights. The kind of stuff we all probably wear, but then with the addition some vintage elements.

A lot of us re-dress our dolls in modern clothing, wouldn't it be nice if we could have more of the modern elements in a stock outfit?


I've been making a considerable amount of clothing recently (since I got my Ma's old Singer sewing machine!!! YAY - Thanks Ma!!!) and have been taking fashion elements from all over the place. (hopefully pics to come soon!!)


I read a few blogs that really get the creative juices flowing.

When I first got into reading blogs one of the first blogs I found was Skunkboy Creatures. Not only does she make the cutest plushies she has an amazing sense of style. Also, strangely enough, it was from this blog I found out about Blythes which then led me to Pullips, so Katie if you read this... Thank you for helping me find a hobby that I adore!!!

Some of her outfits I adore and take inspiration from:

After following Katie on Skunkboy Creature this led me to Elsie on A Beautiful Mess

She writes and awesome blog with lots of crafty bits and even hairstyle tips. I love her style and would love to see a Pullip in any of her outfits.

I particularly like the following...


From both Katie & Elsie I found Mod Cloth and love their clothes (I still need to find out if they'll ship to the UK?) and have been taking alot of inspiration from their clothes.

And last but by no means least, I LOVE following peoples photostreams on Flickr:

Also, check out her etsy shop and her own online store
I adore her photos and stylings...

-Poison Girl-

I adore her customisations and the way she styles her dolls...

J a c k y
Another great photographer and stylist of Pullips.

I do just adore looking at other peoples dolls on Flickr, it give me inspiration for clothes and outfits and also what dolls I like better than others!

This seems like a mammoth post but everyone has different tastes and how they style themselves and their dolls.

If you could style your perfect pullip stock - what would it be like?

Thanks for reading

Miss M x

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