Sunday, 23 January 2011

One is not enough...

Even before I had recieved Nausicaa I started looking for a friend for her. I'd been keeping my eye on a few girls on ebay and this one particular girl had been relisted 3 times so I thought, yes, she's the one! 

Actually Kirsche was near the top of my list, along with Grell... but I think I like Kirsche's blue eyes more, I just love Grell's stock outfit and accessories.

Again, it was a nude doll but I wasn't bothered. I wanted to make my girls clothes anyway.

Shortly after I had recieved Nausicaa I recieved Kirsche and its taken me ages to choose a name for her.

Out of the following I chose Larke.

Paprika:       like the spice!?
Keelin/Keelia: Celtic for Slender or Comely
Larke:         from the meadow bird, middle english
Alika:         Hawaiian, a variant of the name Alice,
               meaning "noble."
Sassa:         Swedish, Pet form of the name Sara in
               Sweden, derived from the Hebrew meaning  
Sorcha:        Gaelic, meaning "radiant."
Pearl:         Latin, taken from the name of the gem
               produced by mollusks. The name Pearl
               is frequently used in the bible as a
               metaphor for a thing of value.

Larke stood out to me more than any of the others, it seemed more lady-like and somehow it fits for me.

My only concern about the type 3 body was that I read that the hands break easily. I thought it'll be ok, I'll just be extra gentle... and it still broke.

I would like to get her an replacement body but I can't afford it yet... I've been checking out body comparisons and the best one I've found is on flickr by Bbabaa ... 

Volks EB Beauty, Volks Neo-EB Teens, Obitsu Hardbust
I'm very tempted by the Volks Neo-EB Teens. It seems more flexible than the other body.

I've personally found that the type 3 body upper-body twists, where as the type 4 doesn't. I'm now wondering about a replacement body for both of them... I'll have to start saving!!!

The wig nets arrived and were the wrong size, too big. I will remember for next time, I'm far too impatient to way, I want to start wig making!!! I'll keep you posted!

Still no luck with the camera, oh yeah, I do have it now, but no-body knows where the lead is... It's a sony so it will have a 'special' lead... I think I'll just purchase a card reader, it will probably be easier and cheaper than buying a new cable. Hopefully next time I'll have some pictures for you!

Miss M

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