Friday, 7 January 2011

My Very Own Pullip

After alot of hunting I bought my first Pullip Peter Pan nude for about £50! She was by no means my favourite by far but I wanted to customise and I thought if I get one that I loved as is, I wouldn't want to customise.

I ordered Nausicaa (Pullip Peter Pan) over christmas and decided to customise her to be like Nausicaa from Studio Ghibli's film. Mr T had bought me the illustrations book from the film and I felt better about my choice as the hair cut and colour was perfect. I just wanted to get some different eye chips. 

Because of christmas that she would take AGES to get here but it took even longer than I had anticipated! The seller on ebay was absolutely lovely though and said she would include an outfit to say sorry.

When I got her and opened the box the lovely seller had included several eye chips, a hat, and a lovely dress. I was so happy. Right after I ordered her I instantly started knitting her a shot pixie style dress just so she had something to wear, but having two outfits would certainly do for the time being. I had lots of plans to make more clothes but not having a Pullip to measure against I did my best at using pictures and measurements from online. Being someone who can't get on knitting to patterns anyway I just made it up. It turned out not to be too bad a fit when I got her.

Soon after she arrived I made an order for some wig nets, eye chips and other essential Pullip tools. They should be here soon and then I can start wig making!!!!

Unfortunately I don't have a camera at all so I have no pictures of my own yet... but my Ma has kindly said she'll give me her small digital one which is excellent!

Hopefully I'll have some pics of my own for my next post!!!

Miss M

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