Friday, 11 February 2011

Posing Pullips

I have finally been able to get my pictures off my camera!! YAY! So I have been getting to know how to pose the dolls. I did photography at college... but practice makes perfect though and the more I take the better they seem to get!!! I think :S

I have also been busy wig making. I finally decided to call it a day on Nausicaa's wig... mainly because IT'S MASSIVE!!!! I really like it though, it looks like she has dreads. I also replaced her eye chips with some of the free ones I got with her. Unfortunately when I was doing it somehow one of her eyelids got flattened. So now she has no eye lids. :( I was not happy. I have ideas of how to fix it as its just become a bit squashed. If anyone has any ideas out there please let me know... :(


The free dress that came with Nausicaa suits Larke much better than Nausicaa so Larke has been borrowing it. 

I have loads of plans for clothes, and also I'm on the hunt for some props, I have been reading it helps when trying to pose them. So maybe by my next post I'll have some more pictures!!!

Miss M

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