Friday, 16 March 2012

Piper and her broken foot...

I've had piper for over a month and she has hardly had any attention photography wise. 

I was very disappointed when I picked her up about a week ago her right foot was missing!!!! I looked for it but couldn't find it anywhere!! It eventually turned up downstairs in the study, although, I cannot work out how on earth it got there! I never take the girls in there?!!!? Strange!  

This might also have something to do with her stock body, I really adore the head tilt on obitsu's, so I took the plunge and ordered her a 21cm SBH-S. I'm really looking forward to it arriving and I may also have ordered a couple of extra things from the Foxi Shop. I really shouldn't order from there but the obitsu's are cheap and she has lots of lovely accessories to buy... its a little dangerous!!! 
Anyway, I took a couple of shots and hope to take more when her new body arrives!!!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Miss M x

p.s. don't forget about the competition!!!

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