Friday, 3 February 2012

A little edition to the family...

Wow, its been hectic here! I took a load of pictures at the same time and I've been meaning to blog about them but there just hasn't been time! So, the dinner is in to roast and I'm finally sat here to write a post!!!

Since my Birthday I've had loads of new things arrive so I figured I would start with what came first...

I mentioned not long ago I had ordered a Dal, Monomono. Well...

she arrived!!!! 

I didn't realise how much smaller Dal's were in person! She's very cute but she didn't fit in any of the clothes I had, so I had to quickly adapt a Pullip pattern and make her something. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and ordered a Dal, I absolutely adore her, she's just sooooo cute and not as grumpy looking as I originally thought. I had always said I wouldn't own a Dal as I thought they all looked grumpy, but after my research I found one I would really be happy with.

I named her Piper Evangeline Vass and I decided she's Avelyns little sister! After I decided this I also decided I need to rewrite Effery's bio, give her old one to Avelyn (with some updates) and write her a new one. With the new wig she just doesn't suit her original personality and with Avelyn wearing her old wig, it really feels write to give that personality to her, it will really suit her with a few amends... so yet another thing for me to do... phew!

Anyway, with no further ado, I present

Piper Evangeline Vass

Where is everyone!?


Look how beautiful her long lashes are!!!

She's giving me attitude already... it's not a good sign!!!

I told you already, I'm a girl not a monkey... hmpf...

Can I take this off yet!?

Ah, that's better!!

She's such a poser...
I think I'm going to try and make some younger looking clothes for her, I think she looks far too old, they say Dal's are supposed to be 13... well she certainly has the attitude but I think her clothes need to be younger looking... what do 13 year olds wear these days?!

Anyway, yeah, more clothes will be made for her soon, when I work out what to make!?!?! Hmmm... to Flickr for inspiration!!!

Thanks for looking!!

Miss M x

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