Friday, 8 June 2012


I'm sorry I haven't posted lately, life has been manic and like many people I know, I've been having a little bit of a hard time. I did manage to do a big shoot (when I should have been doing other more useful things...) the other day, which felt great. I have hardly had a chance to even look at the girls lately so it felt like a really good catch up!

I want to dedicate this post to my Ma and Pa, Brother, Caralyn and last but by no means least Mr T... and actually, anyone who just needs a hug! Mainly because I know how up and down life can be... and how it can often be a struggle, but... there is usually someone there to give you a hug to tell you its going to be ok (even if its just a virtual one like I'm doing now).

So... to anyone out there who is having a hard time, I'm going to tell you something my Brother always told me...

everythings gonna be ok

Thanks for looking!

Miss M x


  1. Thank you. Times have been very hard. I am trying to plan for Chrismas. My two little girls have fallen in love with custom pullips. In doing research, I am finding that this request is a tall order! I came across your site and admire your fashions! Beautiful work! Please email me at with pricing and any tips on where to purchas dolls like "poison girls" I am new to this and hope to give my girls the one thing they want the most! ((hugs))) I wish you all the best!!!!!

  2. thank you so much for the comment, everyone has hard times! In fact I'm facing even harder times at the moment... eeps! But hopefully nearer xmas i'll be a little more sorted. Contact me nearer the time and maybe we'll be able to sort something out... Pullips can be a very expensive hobby!!!! xx

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