Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Goodbye Maple Close...

I went to stay at my folks place about a week ago. They're moving so it was the last time I could stay with them for a while as they're going to be new old age travellers again, cruising about in their motorhome trying to find somewhere new and exciting to live!!!

I managed to get some pics of the girls in their garden before visiting my Bro, it's such a sweet garden which has always reminded me of a tropical beach with the palm trees. 

It was an awesome house which I lived in with them during the renovation. My family and I have been through alot in that house and it seems weird to be leaving it for good, but it deserves a little goodbye.

Goodbye Maple Close

Ma and Pa
Safe travels and good wishes
for your new adventure!!!

Thanks for looking!

Miss M x


  1. Beautiful photos ^^ I love your Wroenna :D

  2. Happy adventure seeking to your parents! Your dolls are beautiful~

  3. Thanks Minnie Kitchen!! I'll pass that on to my folks! :)